The mobile device has forever altered the way we live, the way we communicate and the way we are influenced.
It has also created the biggest opportunity to marketers through location services – allowing us to capitalise on intent, understand behaviour and FINALLY deliver on the age old promise of closing the loop between advertising and action.
Big Mobile have partnered with the best in the business - xAd

xAd has 28 patents filed and 2 granted to date, to support the methodology in which they determine location. Globally, xAd has processed 500 billion ad requests and have over 100 million locations mapped and has the highest level of industry accuracy.
xAd is the only location technology to be verified by ComScore. Locally – we are in the process of mapping more than 200 businesses (so over 1000 locations) and points of interest across AU capital cities.

Location Verification

xAd receives location data from more than 500 billion ad requests each month via 100,000 mobile applications. xAd uses this technology to rank these data signals for precise, location-verified mobile inventory.


xAd Blueprints uses patent pending technology to auto-generate geo-boundaries around key places and points of interest. xAd Blueprints provides precision for the 100 million points of interest around the world on xAd's platform.

GTM Decks for Sales can be found here:

xAd Location GTM Short FINAL Feb 2017
xAd Location GTM FINAL Feb 2017

FAQ's document can be found here - FAQ
Please read over this before doing a preso with client to be familiar with some of the questions you may be asked on the product capabilities.

Rates can be found in Salesforce attached to their respective ratecards or on the ratecards page on helpdocs.

If you have any questions regarding the xAd Product that isn't covered in the FAQ's please send an email to for clarification.