Ad Units

  1. Split OTP
  2. Cards
  3. Billboard Slider
  4. Interstitial
  5. Video Interstitial
  6. Video Streaming Interstitial
  7. Adhesion
  8. Film Strip
  9. Full Page Flex
  10. Pull
  11. Slider
  12. Scroll & Reveal
  13. Parallax Reveal
  14. Bubble

Managed Service or Appnexus Load

For the following ad units, these are required to be sent via managed service to each of the publishers:

  1. Split OTP
  2. Cards
  3. Interstitial
  4. Video Interstitial
  5. Video Streaming Interstitial

These ad units are to be sent and scheduled the same way we do OTP, Including frequency capping.

RM Formats Ops Guide for scheduling

This excel spreadsheet details where the ad units can run, how to schedule them (i.e Managed vs Appnexus) and the agreed fixed rates for each pub.

Please note that these aren't as yet finalised but will be updated as we know more from supply.