Scheduling Proximity+ Campaigns is managed with a combination of Big Picture and AppNexus .

Creation Process

To create a Proximity+ campaign we need to do the following:

In App Nexus

  • Create your Line Item with your budget and daily pacing (if required).
  • Ensure that your Creatives are uploaded and associated with the Line Item, as many settings as is possible should be managed at the line item level.
  • Create one Campaign with all of the fundamental set-up requirements (i.e. name, labels, dates, media types, optimization settings, additional targeting)
  • Optionally Give the Campaign Geo-targeting with a random lat/long pair (will be overwritten) and a desired radius for the campaign. Note that if Geo-targeting is not set the radius will default to 1km. It can be updated at a later date.

In Big Picture

  • Open up the Proximity Plus Manager, note it will take some time to load the advertisers etc.
  • Find your Advertiser and Line Item in the select lists

  • The campaign will load and if it is set up correctly, will show the location loading tools, if it is not valid it will let you know.


  • Select some locations to target. This can be done via either:
    • Uploading a CSV; or
    • Selecting a scraped POI set from the select list.
  • Any errors in the CSV will show on the right hand side.
  • Note that locations will be truncated to 500 as this is the maximum amount of campaigns a line item can handle. This will be done indiscriminately. If you would like to ensure specific locations are included, modify the CSV itself to include the 500 you prefer.
  • Once loaded the Locations will be viewable by selecting the View button.

  • Click Create Campaign to schedule a job
  • Wait to receive an email notifying you that the job is complete. Note that for large jobs this can take quite some time.(Hours)
  • Check in AppNexus that the campaign has been populated with all the location items. There will be a Master Campaign and many children within the line item.


Update Process

Any configuration that happens at line item level will need to be propagated across the collection of campaigns that form the Proximity+ campaign.

In AppNexus

  • Make any changes you cannot apply to the line item as to the Master Campaign

In Big Picture

  • Load the correct Line Item as in creation.
  • The campaign will load and you should be presented with confirmation that a Proximity+ campaign has been found.

  • Click Propagate Changes to schedule a job to update the campaign with the settings applied to the Master Campaign in the line item.
  • Wait for an email confirming the job has completed.
  • Check in AppNexus that the child campaigns reflect the changes made to the master.