Booking Flights and Accommodation

Most of the management, prefer to do this themselves. But you can use Flight Centre (Ryan), if you wish for him to plan your trip...


If you are with Telstra, they do travel passes for most countries. Go to the 24/7 app from Telstra to purchase a travel pass, its easier to do this before you board your flight in Sydney. The travel pass comes with data, to allow you to check your emails (don't check FB). This way you don't need to get a local SIM.

Our office locations are here


  • QANTAS or GARUDA does a direct flight daily from Sydney to Jakarta.
  • No Visa required (FREE entry, 30 days valid, NOT extendable) -
  • Once you are in the arrival hall, get some local currency from the ATM or Authorised Money Changer to pay for the cabs.
  • There is a counter that you can get a "blue bird" taxi. Do not go with any other taxi company for your personal safety. Its approximately AU$25 from the airport to the Big Mobile offices. It should be a 40 min drive, allow up to 2.5 hours. You can get Uber in this market.
  • We stay at the Kosenda Hotel Its right across the road from the Big Mobile offices. Its approximately AU$20 the airport to the Hotel/office
  • Ask Yunnita to get a staff member to walk you across the road from the Kosenda Hotel to the Big Mobile offices (its a 2 min walk & slightly confusing on the first trip from the hotel to the office)
  • The food and coffee at the hotel is excellent.
  • The team will take good care of you at the Jakarta office


  • Easy to travel here. No Visa required.
  • The cabs are cheap and usually only take cash. You can get Uber in this market.
  • The cab fare from the airport to the BM office is approx AU$20
  • I have always gone for last min deals in Singapore, so let you make up your mind
  • Alvin and the team will orientate you around the market


  • No Visa is required in this market
  • You will need to get local currency out at the airport for the cabs.
  • You can go to the taxi rank ( Yellow Taxi Metered ) or get a private car in this market.
  • It should cost you PHP $250-700 (local currency) or approximately AU$20 for a cab into the hotel. Cost dependant on the traffic.
  • I'd recommend staying at the The Holiday Inn, Makati.ā€Ž Its safe & you are in a good part of town, not far from agencies.
  • There are 3 major areas of the city all within short driving distance of each other

Kuala Lumpur

  • No visa is required in this country
  • Get some local currency out at the airport. The cabs don't take credit card
  • Go to the cab booths on lvl 1 of the international terminal. You need to buy coupons for the cabs. I cant remember the cab companies name, but they are red.
  • It cost MY$75 or approximately AU$25 for the taxi from the airport to the city. It takes approximately 1 hour.
  • I stay at Frasers Place in the heart of KL. Good value and walking distance to the twin towers.