A Google Chromebox is now available in the Sydney office "Cinema" meeting room, and will soon also be available in the Melbourne / Jakarta offices.

Scheduling a Hangout

  • Create a Google Calendar event and add all participants as normal
  • Next to the guest list, select the "Rooms etc" tab
  • Add the appropriate meeting room(s) to the event, e.g. (SYD) The Cinema
  • Save your event

Starting the Hangout

  • The screen in your meeting room will display the list of upcoming meetings. Use the remote to select and start your meeting.

Joining a Hangout from outside a meeting room/h3>

  • On your computer or smartphone, open the calendar event and click the Join Hangout button.

Screen sharing

Any attendee can share their screen to the Hangout by clicking the green icon on the left hand side of the screen.

Inviting additional guests

Additional invites can be sent during the Hangout using the icon at the top of the screen.