Go to the event details page of your meeting. In the Add: section, click Rooms, etc. Do either of the following:

Option 1: Start typing any part of the room or other resource's name into the box. A list of matching resources appears in the list.

Option 2: Browse the list to find the room or other resource you want to book.

Check whether the resource is available during the time of your meeting. - Available - Not available.

To book an available resource, click Add (to the left of the resource name). If there aren't any available resources, try changing the time or day of your event. To easily find a time that works for all guests and resources, click the Find a time tab.

After you've entered all event details, remember to click the Save button.

Additional Information

Booking a room or resource that is unavailable at the time of your meeting is possible, but the room will send a declined invitation notice if it is occupied at the time selected.