When we sell inventory programmatically we are allowing the Trading Desks, Media Agencies and Advertisers to access the inventory of our publishers without requiring an IO in our system.

This is made possible by the RTB exchange protocol by which Ad Networks and Bidding Programs communicate with each other. For more information about this read the iAB Open RTB Protocol documents.

When we set up to sell our publishers inventory using AppNexus there are two scenarios we support.

  1. Providing a remnant solution: Where we sell all the remaining publisher inventory to the highest bidder.
  2. Trading Desk Packages: Where we make some of our inventory products available to trading desks to purchase.

Programmatic Set-Up For Publishers

In order to sell inventory programmatically, all of the following steps need to be completed.

  1. Expandable Placements Verification: If the publisher supports expandable ad-units then the placements need to be submitted to AppNexus support for Expandable Verification. This is done by submitting a support ticket under the section Technical Support containing all the ID numbers of the placements.
  2. Publisher Restrictions Applied: In the publisher configuration section called Ad Quality you need to make sure all of the required restrictions are included
  • Restricting any industry verticals (Alcohol, Gambling etc)
  • Restricting specific brands
  • Note: That if certain brands are not available in the AppNexus lists you need to submit a support ticket with the names of the brands and the URL(s) of the companies. UseTechnical Support and tell them you need these Brands added for Ad Quality Restrictions.
  1. Make sure that the default_referrer_url of ALL placements has been overwritten with a Big Mobile sub-domain.
  • This achieves two things: It gets the inventory into the correct ROC product and it fulfills our publisher commitment to prevent channel conflict.
  1. Set-up a Yield Management Base Rule for Re-Selling: i.e. How much, if anything, is the floor price for the open exchange. If the inventory will only be available to trading desks you still need to set a default price here. The availability will be controlled using the Ad Quality Buyer Settings.
  2. Edit the Buyers section of the Ad Quality screen. You should either select the buyers you intend to make the inventory available to (the trading desks) and set the Trust Levelto Standard. Or, if the publisher will be sold on the open exchange, set all buyers to Trust Level Standard.
  3. Set-up Yield Management Conditional Rules for all of the Trading Desks that the inventory will be available to.
  • Looking at the existing conditional rules on another publisher will show you what the floor rates need to be for each Trading Desk.
  1. Enable the placements for re-selling.

Programmatic Set-Up For Trading Desks

To allow buyers to access all of our inventory products programmatically you need to take a number of steps.

  • Find out their Seat Id on AppNexus
  • If they are using an external DSP your need to find out if they have a Private Seat on AppNexus
  • If they do not have a private seat on AppNexus they need to request one. Tell them they need to contact their account manager are request that their bidding account be broken out into a private seat for AppNexus.
  • Once your receive their private seat ID number you enter that into the buyer section of AppNexus' Partner Center
  • Set that buyer to be a preferred partner
  • Go through each of our publishers and add conditional yield management rules with the agreed floor rates for the buyer.
  • Edit the Buyers section of the Ad Quality page for each publisher and set their Trust Level to Standard.
  • Send the Buyer the appropriate guidelines for accessing our inventory using their chosen DSP (BELOW)

Buyers Guides to Accessing Our Inventory