On-boarding publishers is the process of getting our tags onto a publisher's website or scheduled into their adserver (for tiered integration).

On-boarding has multiple stages outlined below.

Tiered Integration

When the publisher already has an adserver and they sell their own advertising space, we will typically integrate with them in a tiered model.

The tiered model looks like this:

Step One

We need to get an inventory report from the publisher that shows us all of the placements in their adserver. We also need some information about the kind of content that sits on the pages/apps for those placements.

If the publisher is using DFP then we can send them Exporting DFP Inventory Reports guide for them to send us a report. We also need a viewability report broken out by ad space as we are aiming to guarantee a 60% viewable rating across our premium network.


Step Two

We need to go through each of the placements and categorize it.

For each placement we specify:

  • The ID numbers of the Big Mobile custom categories. These can be found by going to AppNexus: Network->Tools->General [Content Categories]
  • The ID numbers of any segment pixels that should be applied. These can be found by going to AppNexus: Network->Segments
  • The default referrer URL for the placement. These are listed on the page BM sub-domains.

Please use this template spreadsheet to fill in all of these details: File:OnBoarding Placement Categorization Template.xls

Save it in the On-Boarding repository for the publisher and then export it as a CSV for the Tech team to use.

You may need to create extra columns and collate them into the final set.


Step Three

Step three can occur concurrently with step two.

We need to request additional information from the publisher about their placements and the integration.

Please ask the publisher for the following:

  • A list of excluded brands and categories.
  • A set of remnant passback tags.
  • The list of supported ad-format sizes and features (e.g. standard banner expandable, and Rich Media MREC).


Step Four

The AdTech team will use all of the above information to generate a set of tags to send to the publisher.

This will include instructions on how to schedule the tags and

Step Five

While the publisher is integrating the tags provided to them. As Operations need to review that placements created by the tech team.

There are a number of critical things that need to be checked at this point. Please use this checklist:

  • Is the Ad Quality template set-up correctly (excluded brands and categories)?
  • Are the publisher commercials set up properly?
  • Are the floor rates correct?
  • Are the placements enabled for reselling? (If not submit them for audit).

Step Six

Once the publisher is correctly set-up and the inventory is flowing through the placements we need to go through each of the Profile+Direct templates that are relevant for the publisher and add their placements into the template.

Note: ROC and Profile+Segment templates already cover newly onboarded inventory. It is only the Profile+Direct placements that need to be updated.

Direct Integration

Direct Integration docs to come.

Reference Material

Jono's Onboarding docs.

This page written by Hawkeye