Inventory curation is the process of manually creating lists of websites or apps that are appropriate for particular inventory products.

There are two types of lists: App Lists and Domain Lists.

App Lists

To be uploaded into AppNexus the list of apps needs to be a simple text file containing a single app identifier on each line.

For android the ID is the app bundle name

e.g. com.bigmobile.myapp

For iOS it is the App ID, which can be located in the App Store URL as the number behind the text 'id'

e.g. 469405092


Domain Lists

Domain lists should be a text file with a single domain on each line.

The domain should be the root domain of the site URL without the www subdomain.

For example to add the Sydney Morning Herald to a white-list you add ''


Curation Process

The inventory curation process involves finding the right inventory for the ad product you are building and then ensuring that it is brand safe and available to us via the exchange.

Big Mobile's current inventory curation process is outlined in the document: File:BM Guide to Inventory Curation.doc



Before the curated inventory is uploaded into AppNexus it is kept inside spreadsheets so that it can be sorted, reused, reclassified.

You can see Tommy's curation activity in Curation Spreadsheet